Wish you could learn object-oriented programming?

Book CoverIt’s no secret that programming requires a lot of work. You have plenty of things to stay on top of. Your work has deadlines, bosses, clients, prospects, you name it. It’s hard to catch a break.

Meanwhile, the tools and technologies you use change all the time. The tech world isn’t going to stop for you after all. There’s Backbone, Sass, Vagrant, APIs, just to name a few. That’s without touching the server stuff. It’s a full time job just staying ahead.

This leaves you with little time to learn advanced programming concepts like object-oriented programming. It doesn’t help that that stuff is hard. Even if there’s plenty of tutorials out there.

Most of those tutorials suck too

You’ve probably read some of them already. They talk of dogs and cars. When’s the last time you coded a car? That’s just not how real life works. Where are those practical examples that you can use at work or on your personal project?

So you end up with the same result. The whole thing makes no sense to you! You end up telling yourself it’s not useful or worth the trouble.

There’s plenty of reasons to learn object-oriented programming

Whether it’s to make more money, save time or just to build expertise so you can move on to something else in your career. Object-oriented programming is worth your time.

It’s just that object-oriented programming isn’t easy.

You don’t have to let that hold you back anymore

I’m writing a book on how to learn object-oriented programming using WordPress. I’ll guide you through the concepts step by step. You’ll get the detailed examples that you need to learn them. You’ll be able to use them in the real world too.

Next thing you know, you’ll have finally learned object-oriented programming.