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Discover the world of object-oriented programming

When I learned object-oriented programming, I didn’t quite know what I was doing. I’d never touched PHP or knew what a WordPress plugin was. I just assumed that’s how everyone did things everywhere (a common mistake).

As I got into the WordPress and PHP world, I realized things weren’t that simple (are they ever?). Object-oriented programming wasn’t much of a “thing” in the WordPress world. Not only that, but a lot of WordPress developers learned to code using WordPress. That’s all they’d ever known.

You’re not trying to learn it from a blank state like I did. You’ve had a way of doing things. This creates unique obstacles for you compared to someone new to coding. It’s not as easy to wrap your head around the usefulness of object-oriented programming.

With these lessons I’ve prepared for you, I hope to help you overcome some of these obstacles.

Here’s what you’ll learn

I created this course to help you understand what object-oriented programming is. It’ll walk you through a basic framework so that you can start using it. Each lesson takes a few minutes to read and focuses on one element of that framework.

Once you’re done with the course, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Find problems to solve using object-oriented programming
  • Sketch your problem into classes
  • Turn your sketches into working PHP classes
  • Perform a retrospective on your work and set new learning objectives

Each lesson also comes with its own exercise. I’ve designed each exercise to be open-ended. That way, you can use object-oriented programming to solve your own unique problems.

About the teacher

Carl Alexander

Hi, I’m Carl Alexander!

I’m this charming guy to the left (and sadly not the guy in that headline picture). I live and breath advanced coding topics (and memes). This course (and many other things I do) is my way to share my love of it with you! (in a completely non-creepy way)

I could bore you with endless details about myself. (Who wants that really?) That said, you should know that I’ve been coding for what might as well be an eternity (since I’m 8 years old to be exact). And, as of late, I’ve been doing mostly “web” stuff. A lot of it has been around PHP and WordPress.

I also wrote a book about object-oriented programming. You’ll hear more about it if you sign up to the course.

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