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What I’m doing now

This is my now page. It’s a place where you can read about what I’m doing these days. The goal is to update it 3-4 times a year.

Omicron wave lockdown

French Canada is back in lock down with the Omicron wave. We had a two week curfew that ended, but it’s not looking like things will open up before February. As I discussed in my year in review, I’m not keen on risking getting long COVID even if I’m boosted.

Isolation is still an issue. My mental health has suffered over the last two years and I’m still not sure what post-COVID life will be like. I’m hoping I can restart travelling this summer. I’ve applied to two conferences in Europe.

Work-life balance is still complicated, but overall good. I’m not working excessively. I’ve also avoided a burnout which is excellent.

But I feel I have less in the tank and doing more complex projects or Ymir features seem very out of reach at the moment. This is something that I’m focusing on this year. I might have to change up my development process with Ymir somehow.

Ymir is growing again

Ymir‘s growth stalled last fall. But after a few months without growth, November saw customer growth starting again. It’s still not a lot, but it’s slow steady progress. You can see all the business statistics on the open dashboard I created.

I also write a report every two weeks on what I’m working on. You can see the old reports here.

Writing is mostly on Ymir blog

I’m writing a decent amount, but most of it is for the Ymir blog and the Ymir documentation. I’ve made changes to the site so that I could link to those blog articles from here. They’re articles I would have published here if they weren’t good for SEO for Ymir.

Consulting is paying the bills

Ymir still isn’t paying me anything. My income comes from doing a bit of consulting for Global Voices and another customer. It’s not a lot, but it more than covers my expenses. (Especially since I’m just home!) I’m hoping that this year I can start taking some income from Ymir, but it’s not as much of a priority as it once was.

Last updated: January 19, 2022

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