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What I’m doing now

This is my now page. It’s a place where you can read about what I’m doing these days. The goal is to update it 3-4 times a year.


I’m currently in self-quarantine until end of March after my trip to Colombia. I’m not sure when I’ll get to travel again. All WordCamps are currently cancelled and I expect all the other conferences I’ve applied to to be cancelled as well.

There hasn’t been something like this since the Spanish flu a century ago. It’s still hard to grasp what the impact will be for everyone. I’m trying to go back to a more regular schedule, but it hasn’t been super easy.

Vapor for WordPress

As I explained in my year in review, I’ve been working on a version of Laravel Vapor for WordPress over the last 8 months. I’m getting closer and closer to recording a demo and creating a landing page. I’m just not sure with the pandemic if people will want something like this.

Consulting slowdown

Consulting work is steady for now. I’m also unsure what the impact COVID-19 will have on that. Since I’m not travelling for the near future, I’m not as worried about my finances.

I’m still doing a mix of Laravel and systems administration. That’s still a good mix for me. I’m not looking to do a lot of WordPress work outside administrating servers.

Diversifying my writing

Doing well on the writing front. I’m working on a few articles right now. I’ll have a lot more to write about once I announce the project. I’ve been doing a lot of interesting things.

I’m still looking to diversify my writing. I want to talk about testing, servers as well as non-technical topics like self-publishing. I also want to write about Laravel eventually.

Last updated: 2020-03-18

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