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What I’m doing now

This is my now page. It’s a place where you can read about what I’m doing these days. The goal is to update it 3-4 times a year.

Ramping up post burnout

I burnt out mid-July and it took me until early September to feel like I’d gotten over it. I’ve felt normalish (as much as you can in this environment) for the past month or so. I’m still being careful since we’ve been in lockdown most of October here in Montreal.

Ymir launch home stretch

Because I’ve had nothing else to do but work, Ymir has been progressing fast. I’m working on the frontend now. I feel like I’ll hit my goal of an early access launch for this year.

Writing isn’t quite back

I’m not really back to my full writing habit. I write about 150 words on most days. I have done no Spanish translations since May either.

A bit of consulting

Doing a bit of consulting for Global Voices. It’s not a lot, but it covers most of my expenses. (Especially since I’m just home!) I’m hoping that I can offset the rest with income from Ymir in a few months.

Last updated: 2020-10-21

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