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My first open source contribution: Chronos

I have been involved with open source for a couple of years now. However, my involvement has always revolved around organizing events for the Montreal WordPress community. Except for a handful of pull requests and small jQuery plugins, I never created anything I felt would be useful to share. I am slowly trying to change that.

While I have a huge respect for Automattic as a company, I can’t think of a company that I admire more than GitHub. One of their mantras I always wanted to follow was open source (almost) everything. So since I started my current project, I have tried to keep my code as modular as I could so I could open source most of it if I could.

I didn’t really have a great opportunity till recently when I started needing recurring jobs that I could manage in PHP. I needed something that could manage both crontab like Whenever, but also handle recurring jobs programmatically a bit like wp_cron does. I looked and couldn’t find a library or set of libraries to do this.

I felt this was a good opportunity to try to get something out so I made one and I am open sourcing it today as Chronos. I’ll have a followup Symfony2 bundle available in a few days.

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