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PHP App Challenge

So I decided to stop my focus on a health for the immediate future. I might do a post-mortem of some sort eventually. That said, I’m still looking into making some form of recurring revenue so I am taking what I have learned over the last year and using it to build a PHP app and, in the vain of what Nathan Barry did with his Web App Challenge, I will try to turn this into a 6 month challenge.


So to give myself some focus, I am going to try to give myself some goals for the challenge over next 6 months.

Hit a recurring revenue of 1000$

I want to build enough recurring revenue to offset my total monthly expenses which are between 600$ and 1000$ (!). This might be a bit a bit optimistic considering what I have read from other bootstrappers. Even with my ramen lifestyle, I want to stop hemorrhaging money. So that’s the goal!

Leverage my competitive advantages

This would definitely come up in my health app post-mortem, but I think it’s clear to me now as a first time bootstrapper that I should not throw away my competitive advantage. So with that in mind, I want to leverage my longtime involvement with the WordPress community and the fact that I work primarily with PHP (gasp!).

So I would want to build a service that is useful to both the WordPress community and the rest of PHP community.

Document my journey

I’ve been writing a bit more consistently, but still not regularly enough. I want to document as much of this as possible and my refocus on programming problems should hopefully help my writing. We’ll see! This is almost a running joke at this point for me.

Let’s get started

Actually, I cheated a bit!  I have already run through a few ideas and did some quick validation through the WordPress Montréal Facebook group. I’ve been doing a small proof of concept to start to see if it is possible, but I am solving a pain I have had over the past year and at my past employment as well. I hope to be able to do a long-form marketing site and a follow-up post shortly!

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