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Very productive day today. I have done a good dent in the roadmap. I didn’t get to write the essays I wanted to do. I should have time to tackle that tomorrow.

Working API

As I mentioned yesterday, my API code was full a bit of mess as I was working on building a custom Symfony Firewall for authenticating a user using an API key (either as a query or HTTP header). I had worked on having it decoupled so I could open-source the bundle for it eventually.

So all that was cleaned up and committed today. I then proceeded to fix my code so errors would be grouped together when multiple ones are submitted. Following that I got all errors submitted assigned to a project using the projects API key.

Helthe Monitor

As I was fixing my API code, I was also working on Monitor, the basic PHP library for Helthe. I got the initial commit up on Github. At the moment, it is a simple wrapper around Guzzle, a PHP library to build HTTP clients. A very useful library if you are looking to work with or build a service with HTTP requests. I still need to write the documentation which I neglected to do, but I plan on doing it tomorrow.

So things are moving along quite well, a lot of elements of the roadmap are far ahead. I don’t have a sexy  UI shot to show yet, but below is a database screenshot showing test errors.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.27.56 PM

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