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Automating WordPress updates with Bedrock using Dependabot

Keeping a WordPress site up to date can be quite a challenge. There are a lot of reasons why we don’t. They range from lack of time to just not wanting to break anything.

It also doesn’t matter whether you’re just managing one site or dozens. Or whether you’re using a dedicated host or your own managed server. Life can get in the way, and your WordPress site can become outdated and even hacked.

The best way to get around a lot of these issues is to automate the entire WordPress update process. In fact, this is something that WordPress already does. By default, WordPress will only perform minor updates without you having to do anything. You still have to do major updates yourself.

But this isn’t something that you can do if your WordPress site uses Bedrock as its project structure. With Bedrock, WordPress automatic updates are disabled. That’s because all dependencies are managed using Composer.

This means that to automate WordPress updates, we have to automate the update of our Composer dependencies. To achieve this, we’ll have to leverage continuous integration as well as automated deployment. To bring everything together, we’ll use CircleCi as our continuous integration platform. (But you should be able to easily use another one if you prefer.)

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How to use Bedrock with Pantheon

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid by Pantheon or CircleCI to write this. I am, however, part of the Pantheon heroes program. I just like Bedrock, CircleCI and Pantheon a lot so I wanted to write about them.

Working on large projects with WordPress is often a challenging endeavour. You have a lot of plugins to manage as well as the custom code that you’ve written for your client. All this code often exists in a single git repository. This makes the whole thing complicated to maintain.

Lucky for us, there’s Bedrock. Bedrock is a custom WordPress project structure based on the Twelve-Factor App methodology. Using such a project structure lets you work using modern web development methodologies.

Without a doubt, the foundation of modern web development is the dependency manager. For example, it’s impossible to do modern JavaScript without using npm. This is the dependency management tool used by the JavaScript ecosystem.

In PHP, that dependency management tool is Composer. While WordPress has no current plans to support Composer, Bedrock has it as its central feature. This is great for WordPress developers who want to use modern web development methodologies.

Now, the problem with using a project structure like Bedrock is that a lot of hosts don’t have support for Composer. There’s a guide on how to use Bedrock with Trellis on Kinsta. But besides that, there isn’t much out there to help you setup Bedrock with a host. Since I have experience with the Pantheon platform, I figured I’d write about how to get Bedrock on it.

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Continuous deployment to the WordPress directory with CircleCI

Note: This article focuses on how to continuously deploy a plugin using CircleCI. But you can also use everything discussed here with a theme as well.

As developers, we all have our preferred tools and distinct way of working. That’s why it’s not uncommon for us to write about it or create scripts to set up our work computers. But the one tool that most of us tend to agree on is using git for version control.

That said, if you’ve ever had a plugin or theme on the WordPress directory, you know that it doesn’t use git. It uses subversion. That’s a problem for a lot of us because we don’t want to have to deal with both.

While there are a lot of resources out there to deal with this problem, it also presents us with an opportunity. We can use this problem to build a continuous deployment workflow for the WordPress directory. This will allow us to not worry about this aspect of WordPress plugin development anymore.

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